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Ingredia 2014 Rockstar

Peter Leighton discusses functional foods at Ingredia 2014's "Rockstar".

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Peter Leighton Talks About Functional Food & Beverage Trends at Vitafoods Europe

Companies can benefit by matching products to age and lifestyle trends.

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Market Makers: The True Meaning of Leadership

This article identifies what a Market-Maker is and what it means.

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Cross Impact Analysis: Finding Emerging Opportunities

This summary shows how to identify emerging trends.

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Market Makers: Leadership Brands

Market Makers become leadership brands through disruptive changes as they drive innovation.

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The 3 Steps to Brand Building

There are many dimensions to building a relevant brand. I outline the 3 critical steps in this article.

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Demand Drives Value: A New Marketing Paradigm

A look at market-making companies that build value through user engagement.

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Growing Dietary Supplements

This article illustrates how supplement brands can achieve growth and increase profitability through strategic category segmentation.

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Understanding the Weight Loss Market

Identifying unique motivations and observations for successfully marketing in this space.

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Avoiding The Commodity Trap

This article gives examples of how brands can avoid becoming commodities.

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How to Succeed in Functional Foods: 7 Consumer Platforms

This analysis shows seven platforms driving growth in functional foods.

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How to Succeed in Functional Foods: 5 Insights to Chew On

Leighton provides 5 key insights that are driving growth in the category.

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Building Value Through Branding

This article illustrates why branded companies outperform others and how to create a strong food & nutrition brand.

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Six Health Trends for Functional Foods

This article outlines six health trends that are impacting the growth of functional foods & beverages.

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The Rising Tide of Functional Foods

An examination of the currents driving growth of functional foods & beverages and how to chart a successful course.

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Malnutrition of Affluence

This article documents an amazing paradox about how our advances in agriculture have made us unhealthy.

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Guess Who Owns Your Genes

A look at court rulings about "gatekeeper" patents that may surprise you.

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The Bias Against Preventative Medicine

In light of debate about healthcare, this article examines why our healthcare system is failing us.

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Emerging Science, Emerging Market: The Growing Interest in Probiotics

A detailed look at the probiotics market and leading science supporting it.

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Functional Foods Paradox

An examination of the distinction between foods and therapeutics, and the paradoxical position of functional foods.

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Functional Foods: Keys to Success

A thorough look at the market drivers of functional foods & beverages and strategies for success.

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Poison on Your Plate: GM Foods and the Right to Know

This article addresses the emerging conflict with genetically modified foods and consumer rights.

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The Rise of Functional Foods & Beverages

This narrated power point presentation addresses the growth of functional products with a focus on probiotics.

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Food On A Mission: What's shaping the functional foods market today

This article featured in Whole Foods Magazine includes comment by Peter Leighton.

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